The State of the Sound

A new initiative in the works

Baynes Sound is an area of exceptional ecological and biological productivity that supports a large biodiversity, critical habitat, and important socio-economic opportunities. It also faces multiple interacting threats. A recurring concern expressed by EcoForum participants has been the significant gaps in data and monitoring efforts including incompleteness, and fragmented sampling efforts.  Limited accessibility to that information was also a frustration. 

“We don’t know what we don’t know,” as one participant put it. 

As it marks its 5th anniversary and in response to those serious concerns, the EcoForum intends to move into a new and exciting phase by initiating a State of the Sound Report. The EcoForum is inviting senior government and First Nations leaders as well as subject matter experts to join this important work. 

The Steering Committee envisions a living document that will track the state of both Baynes Sound and Lambert Channel.  A provisional list includes chapters on the oceanography of the region, pollution issues, human use, fish, birds, habitats/ecosystems, and marine mammals. The report will be scientifically rigorous, relevant, timely and user-friendly .

The new initiative will improve understanding of this unique and irreplaceable ecosystem, identify high priority areas for investment in data acquisition and monitoring, and improve our ability to respond to climate change and other emerging challenges.